The Collective Attention

The Collective Attention is a collection of four works by John Sanborn, created in collaboration with Collective Attention.

Founded by performers Jamielyn Duggan and Carolina Czechowska. Collective Attention is cultural choreographers and tastemakers inspired by the intimate immediacy of creation.

Four artworks present a fusion of thoughtfully designed movements. Strategised by recording intelligence and video editing, artworks create tonal collages of pure matter and emotional polity. In each work, video processing technology abstracts the figures until they break apart, becoming dematerialised components in a larger biotic scheme, swaying to the force majeure of altered time and space.

"When we stare at the infinite, we quickly understand that the universe is empty of intent. It simply wants to exist. It’s humans that devise ways to impart meaning. This is why sapiens developed language, and we tell ourselves stories – meager methods at best. Our archipallium, or lizard brain, instantly provides clues based on context, suggestions and the physicality of feelings. Which explains how body language effectively communicates without sounds, words, or narratives.
Terpsichore inspires us, as it extends our humanity. She deliberately frees us from structures and systemic obligation. We are answering the question by asking it – vaporizing notions of limbic responses more circumspect than breathing. We don’t think – we just move".
- John Sanborn

Music for all works is composed by Edward Nelson.

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