Jonathan Monaghan

Washington, D.C.


The Zephyr series by Jonathan Monaghan delves into the realms of power, decadence, and beauty within our digital era. This surreal opus presents gravity-defying baroque architecture, suspended by unseen winds. The result is a dream-like discordance that examines the increasingly blurred divide between reality and the virtual, as well as the interplay between the natural and artificial.

Through the use of photo-realistic computer-generated imagery, Monaghan orchestrates a captivating visual symphony that challenges our perceptions of space, time, and reality. Meticulously crafted architectural details amplify the opulence reminiscent of a bygone era, while contrasting against the intangible nature of the digital realm.

Zephyr prompts contemplation on the ever-evolving boundaries that merge the physical and virtual worlds. It explores the shifting nature of power within our digital society. This ethereal series serves as a reminder that concepts such as authority, decadence, and beauty are mutable and transient, akin to the ever-changing winds that inspired its name.

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