Indian born self-taught artist Raghava KK (b.1980) began his career as a newspaper cartoonist. He works with a wide range of media ranging from painting, works on paper, sculpture, installation, to film and art created on the iPad; and his practice is of such versatility that even his wedding to musician Netra Srikanth is considered a piece of performance art. CNN recently named Raghava as one of "10 remarkable people the world is yet to know of".

His early practice as fine artist was motivated by Raghava's desire to create an unmistakable break with his work as cartoonist, and he exclusively painted with watercolour on canvas using only hands and feet, and no other tools. More recently, his practice is combining both worlds: precise lines and his extraordinary powers of observation are paired with techniques like collage, acrylic painting, expressive colour, and art historical references to some of the old masters like Botticelli and Manet. The various deployed aesthetics are held together in context by Raghava's challenging views on identity, gender, celebrity, and ceremony; which draw reference from both East and West.

Raghava has collaborated with various artists and musicians, including Paul Simon and Erykah Badu. In 2011, he launched a children's book on the iPad called Pop-it, which promotes multiple perspectives of the modern family and allows empathy on a toddler's level. The artist teaches a course on art, technology, and storytelling at NuVu Studios, an experimental education project by MIT Media Labs, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has lectured at New York University and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, France.

Raghava KK lives and works in New York City.