Zen and Vision

Zen and Vision is a collection of two ongoing projects; Zen and Vision by Ke Jyun Wu.

About Zen 1 and Zen 2

Zen1 and Zen 2 are a composition of lights and shadows.

Being the essence of the cosmos, and the absolute origin of everything, lights and shadows themselves are carriers of poetic and dramatic expressions of visual arts. Provided with this fact, we do not need to add too much artificial decoration to them, we just need to keep them innate and natural.

A symphony of the celestial voice of visual effects, Zen 1 and Zen 2 create an immersive floral world with an atmosphere of vitality shining out through the lights that flow among the flowers and plants, eliciting a sense of aesthetics, bright and full of the vibe of life. Exhibiting different facets of the four seasons, various compositions of lights and shadows indirectly embody the divergent, varying stages and states of life. Zen is the first chapter of the Zen series by Ke Jyun Wu.

About Vision 1,Vision 2 and Vision 3

"As an artist enjoying wandering among different disciplines, residing at the crossroads of art, design, and technology, I want to create my own vision of the metaverse which is full of various entities you may meet in the future. In addition to the Digiscape series, my first art series about the metaverse, the Vision series will be my second love letter telling my imagination of the future."

Vision1, Vision 2 and Vision 3 are a part of a series that re-interprets traditional artworks in light of digital methodology. This series gives these traditional artworks from multiple periods, with various styles, and in different materials a totally fresh look, using AI to analyse their images, recombining all the essences abstracted from the analysis, and then recreating a completely new artwork from these essences. Vision is an ongoing project by Ke Jyun Wu and it is to be continued.

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