Voidage is a collection of three audiovisual works by Kirill Rave. The word 'Voidage' as a starting point is interesting because the term implies a space or dimension without scale. The lack of borders or of the ability to compare or contrast creates an uncertainty that can be impossible to comprehend.

Voidage could also describe oblivion, the end of everything, a critical oversaturation or separation until any reference points are lost. Every part of the video starts and ends with a void, creating a rhythm connecting the three artworks.

The presence of 'cavities' in the void allows us brief chances to return to our habitual perception of forms (voidage – cavities = form). Like a sculptor who cuts away anything unnecessary in order to achieve the desired result, by using mathematical formulas we can create complex structures to present a new reality. The main theme of the Voidage collection is the changing of the matter from voidage to form and back.

Idea & video: Kirill Rave
Music: Broken Composers [Kirill Rave & Rebёnok]

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