Continuum Remix v.1

Continuum Remix v.1 is part of the Digital Decade SE 2020 collection, curated by Designcollector Network. The collection launch is accompanied by an online exhibition and a mixtape.

Meditation will save us from the machine; art will save us from ourselves. I believe in the healing and transformational power of visual art + sound + meditation on an individual and a social level.

Our future is unknown and unstable. There are difficult times ahead due to social and economic unrest due to pandemic risk, digital disruption, automation and climate change. Collective fear is undeniable, but we cannot allow ourselves to be dominated by fear — we must face the unknown with open hearts and mindfulness. In chaos, there is creative opportunity. We must create a better future with compassion and love.

My collaboration with Efren Mur (video artist) and Ligovskoï (electronic music band) was created during the COVID-19 crisis. Our purpose is to present a vision of meditativeness and digital beauty to collective consciousness. The world is forever changed, and we must adapt with mindfulness, self care and connection to creative energy that will help us navigate the unknown.


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