Bonus Levels

Lawrence Lek’s Bonus Levels is an ongoing series of critical virtual worlds based on real places. Lek has created three digital editions exclusively for Sedition from unique captures that explore his 3D animated virtual environments. Conceived as a utopian novel, each chapter is a site-specific simulation where players explore reconfigured cityscapes and subverted cultural institutions. Often commissioned for galleries, festivals and institutions, the atmosphere for each level shifts between idealism and critique depending on the site. In the city, darker forces are always at play. Hidden power structures lie beneath revered institutions while undisclosed territorial boundaries govern urban spaces - the 'bonus levels' exists to reveal these zones. Each level brings together distant locations in space and time, flattening distinctions between famous and forgotten, public and private, existing and demolished, established and emerging. There are no goals in Bonus Levels. Although modelled on video game software, the player begins when the game is already won, so their only role is to wander as a flâneur, within an art world for art's sake.