Flow Fields (Reinterpreting Van Gogh)

Software art pioneer LIA presents a new collection of artworks exclusive to Sedition that reinterpret and rework classic Vincent Van Gogh paintings, using computer algorithms to generate new digital paintings which constantly evolve.

In this new collection, titled ‘Flow Fields’, the artist has processed the visuals of Van Gogh’s paintings such as Sunflowers, The Starry Night, and Almond Blossom, through custom-designed software. Taking the colour palette as a base, the computer code then creates a new life to the work, allowing them to evolve hypnotically in motion.

Based around the concept of ‘flow fields’ or ‘vector fields’, the series refers to a generative art technique that reveals the visible lines and loops that occur in magnetic and energy fields. The formula used by LIA renders imagery to different parameters creating an infinite number of variations in the lines of the original paintings.

The Austrian artist who is known for her work in software and net art has been active since the mid-90s, where her practice spans across video, performance, installations, sculpture, projections and digital applications. LIA’s primary working material is code, her works typically combine the traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetics of digital images and algorithms - to create a dialogue between human and machine.

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