Virtual Leica

Virtual Leica is a 3D moving image artwork by Liao Yibai. Exploring three-dimensional spaces, Yibai delivers a narrative throughout the collection, speculating about the connection between human and machine, and physical and virtual reality.

"The IQ of human beings can be constructed into a matrix of lies, a forest that affects judgment because of different interests and agendas, And then, there are the truth seekers.

In a two-dimensional world, the truth is easy to be covered up and tampered with, and cognition and judgment are easily shaken. In order to be seen by others, human beings have invented cameras to record the truth from more angles, adding another dimension to the positive and negative sides. Space, once you enter the three-dimensional world, the truth slowly begins to emerge. The sharper the lens, the sharper the image, the more angles, the more complete the event; so, we get used to capturing the truth with the camera.

In 2013, I made a ten-feet-wide super fake Leica camera out of stainless steel and put it on display at the Hollywood Leica store in Los Angeles, using my sculptures to discuss the truth about reality and gaining huge attention; today, I digitized this sculpture and placed in a virtual space, and the discussion continues on 'the real in the virtual world' and 'the fiction in the virtual world'.

The truth remains a three-edged sword: your truth, his, her, its truth, and truth itself, how do we approach it?

I believe that the truth, in reality, is intently buried, as a result, self-deception becomes the new reality. However, In reality, the facts will always leave clues, but in the virtual world, can my virtual camera capture it?"-Liao Yibai

Music Credit: Spirit of Hope by C.K. Martin


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