ReactionBubble (Public Space)

ReactionBubble (Public Space) is a collection of works from an ongoing series of explorations by LoVid into the connections between material and media, craft and video.

The works in the collection combine filmed footage, laser etching, tracing and stop-motion animation. The footage element was recorded at a public event at Real Art Ways in Hartford, US where participants were invited to walk around the gallery in patterns that reflect movement in public spaces. The event was produced in collaboration with choreographer Deborah Goffe and ceramicist Matt Towers. The stop-motion animations in ReactionBubble (Public Space) are based on this original footage, which was traced, laser etched onto raw wood, and animated to create the works.

Juxtaposing the colourful and hypnotic analogue video with the natural patterns in the wood creates a visual connection between the technological and natural world and simulates the sense of touch, materiality, and space.

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