2023: Looking Forward

2023: Looking Forward

With days left until the start of 2023 many of us are starting to think about what our New Year resolutions should look like. The best way to make New Year’s resolutions come through is to manifest them into the world and make them public, so here are our resolutions — what we expect next year to bring for Sedition.

Let us start with something that doesn’t perhaps sound too exciting but is in fact a major development — in early 2023, we are delivering an automated payment system for our artists. We have for some time been wanting to automate our quarterly payment system and we’re delighted to announce this is almost ready, and as of the first quarter of 2023 our artists will no longer need to submit invoices and await payments — this will all be done automatically, further details on this will be communicated to artists within the first weeks of 2023. Of course, automated payments are just one of a host of updates and improvements that we have planned for 2023 to enable artists on Sedition to better present their practice to the world and be promptly and directly remunerated for it. The landscape of digital art has never been more established than it is today, price points for digital assets are now an accepted fact of online life, and both private collectors and commercial entities have become enthusiastic buyers of art in digital media.

2022 was the year when Sedition started to introduce NFTs onto the platform. Currently we’re at stage 1 of our NFT introduction — mint out of Vault, which is done on an artwork-by-artwork basis and is not implemented universally across the site. This is important — we aim to offer a choice rather than an obligation. We believe there are many benefits available in the world of NFTs, however it is up to you as to whether you feel the same way and want to take advantage of them. In our next step, we will make it possible to buy artworks fresh as NFTs, by implementing a point-of-sale minting mechanism. We’re glad our Mints of the Week have been well received — and we’re going to continue them on a weekly basis throughout 2023.

With the pandemic finally over, we are delighted to see many of our hotel clients and display partners recommencing their art displays. We expect the growth of art in digital media to continue in 2023 and many more public spaces, offices and hotels will be looking for new ways to adorn their environments with the most exciting art and artists on the planet! Sedition continues to work at the forefront of digital displays around the world, and if you want to get in touch to request a display or discuss the possibilities we’d be delighted to talk — you can reach us here.

During 2022, we introduced over a dozen new artists onto Sedition’s curated platform. In 2023, we will continue with our regular weekly and biweekly launches and we’re looking forward to introducing more artists to the Sedition community. In fact we have so many incredible new projects and talents to show you that we’re increasing the frequency of our launches — most weeks will now have a weekend release in addition to the midweek launch. We’re thrilled to show you what the 2023 calendar has in store!

We’ve been delighted to see the digital art landscape maturing and evolving over the last few years. There has never been a better time in human history for artists wanting to make their mark on society, or to engage with an audience! As the original digital art platform, we’ve long felt that digital media would become an accepted fact of contemporary art — it’s nice to be right sometimes ;-)

We’re really looking forward to 2023 and can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

Thank you all for 2022, and our best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2023.