A Joint Exhibition by Ellinor Stigle and Katherine Mavridis in New York

A Joint Exhibition by Ellinor Stigle and Katherine Mavridis in New York

On 30 September 2017, a performance and closing reception takes place to mark the end of the joint exhibition 28” 2” 3” by Ellinor Stigle and Katherine Mavridis at Hotel Particulier in Soho New York. The exhibition has been viewable as window displays each evening from 6-10pm. The performance will bookend the exhibition, which opened on 11 September with a performance directed by Olympia Dior.

28” 2” 3” brings together the work of Katherine Mavridis, a knitwear designer known for her innovative use of wool to create abstract tubular forms which may operate with or without the body; and Ellinor Stigle, whose multimedia practice examines identity, in particular those facets of identity which are unseen and unsaid. Mavridis is taking time away from the schedule and rigors of the fashion industry to explore and expand her work as an artistic practice.

The exhibition, curated by Frederique Thiollet and Anna Mistal at 27 Wooster and which takes place in conjunction with New York Fashion Month, takes its name from the installation presented by Mavridis. The installation was inspired by a personal fitting with the late Dame Zaha Hadid in March 2016; its title comes from the measurements from this last fitting.

Accompanying Mavridis’ installation is a video installation by Stigle. Titled Nucleus, the single-channel video piece looks at intimacy, in particular the relationship between identity construction and internal rhythms such as heartbeat. Two digital editions derived from Nucleus are launched on Sedition on 30 September in parallel with the closing performance at 27 Wooster.

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