A Portrait of the Tree: Adrian Houston

A Portrait of the Tree: Adrian Houston

In May, a collection of digital limited editions by Adrian Houston was launched on Sedition as part of a project celebrating the beauty and majesty of trees. In September 2021, the second project from the same collection will launch, ahead of the October launch of a beautiful hardback book from the same project.

“This is a wonderful book: beautiful and important” - Joanna Lumley.

“A must read for all conservationists, environmentalists and nature lovers.” - Sir Richard Branson

The book brings together a selection of favourite trees from around Britain, chosen by influential figures including Joanna Lumley, Alan Titchmarsh, Iolo Williams, Jasper Conran, Antony Gormley and Alice Temperley. 

The A Portrait of the Tree project began five years ago, sparked by Houston’s growing concern at the way the trees we live with - and rely on - are being affected by global warming and diseases such as Ash Dieback. Seeking to spotlight the importance of trees and their health to our lives, Houston began creating tree portraits. “Sparked by a simple question to a host of diverse and influential figures - ‘What is your favourite tree?’ - photographer Adrian Houston discovered a wealth of fascinating stories enmeshed with these giants of the natural world - some of miraculous survival and others of sheltering royalty, witnessing history or simply of personal grief and renewal.”

The project showcases the incredible trees we share the planet with. 

They are the longest living organism on the planet and essential to life as we know it. But when did you last really look at a tree? 


Italicised sections from the A Portrait of the Tree book Press Release. Video via Unit London.

Adrian Houston | A Portrait of a Tree from Unit London on Vimeo.

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