Boundless Horizons: An Insight into Bstract's Celebration of Freedom and Creativity

Boundless Horizons: An Insight into Bstract's Celebration of Freedom and Creativity

Sedition is excited to introduce a new artist on the platform, Bstract, with an inaugural launch on 22 May. This Q&A provides a brief insight into the artist's practice and his collection Boundless, dropping on Sedition.

Q: Can you share the inspiration behind the Boundless collection and what led you to explore themes of freedom, spontaneity, and uninhibited expression in your art?

Bstract: For me, the collection comes from a pure place of positivity and possibility. I feel like I’m currently in a place in my life where I’m excited about what’s happening now and also what the future has planned. The themes mentioned came naturally as I considered what it means to live a life unbound. I wanted to create art that not only depicted these ideals but also inspired viewers to reflect on their own lives and the boundaries they might unknowingly place on themselves. The collection is a celebration of the human spirit's capacity for joy, creativity, and boundless potential.

Q: Each piece in the Boundless collection seems to tell a unique story. Could you describe the narrative and emotional journey behind No One is Watching and how you captured the essence of self-expression in this work?

Bstract: The piece No One is Watching came from the expression “You should always dance like no one is watching,” something I believe my fiancée Emily Faye often lives by. It’s a piece that encapsulates the essence of pure and unselfconscious self-expression. The narrative behind this work is one of liberation and joy found in moments when we feel completely free from the gaze of others. It's about those rare times when we dance like no one is watching, sing at the top of our lungs, or express ourselves without fear of judgment. The vibrant colors and dynamic composition reflect the energy and freedom that come with true self-expression.

Q: The Path Less Chosen invites viewers into a contemplative journey of choice and uncertainty. What message or feeling do you hope to convey to viewers through this piece, and how does it reflect your own experiences or perspectives on decision-making and self-discovery?

Bstract: The Path Less Chosen is a contemplative piece that invites viewers to reflect on the choices they make in life and the roads less traveled. Through this work, I hope to convey a message of courage and introspection. The piece reflects the uncertainty and excitement that come with making unconventional choices and forging one's unique path. Personally, this piece is inspired by my own experiences of stepping off the beaten path and embracing the unknown, such as creating art in the world of Web3, something I believe is a road yet to be traveled by many.

Q: World At Your Feet is described as igniting the imagination and inspiring a sense of boundless possibility. Can you talk about the symbolism and imagery you used in this piece and how it encourages viewers to embrace courage and creativity in their own lives?

Bstract: This piece is designed to ignite the imagination and inspire a sense of limitless possibility. The central symbolism in this work includes expansive landscapes and elements that suggest boundless horizons. The imagery is carefully crafted to evoke feelings of wonder and potential, encouraging viewers to envision their dreams and aspirations as achievable realities. The piece reflects the idea that with courage and creativity, one can conquer any challenge and embrace the world with confidence and curiosity.

Q: The Boundless collection features dynamic compositions and vibrant colors that evoke a sense of movement and energy. Could you explain your creative process for developing these pieces and how you achieve such a captivating sense of motion in your digital canvases?

Bstract: Interestingly, all of these pieces start as physical paintings, which is why I believe they capture a small essence of traditional art. After painting multiple pieces, I then spend time digitally manipulating them to match my original vision. I’ll use a number of photography, videography, and animation techniques to create the narrative of the work. Often, I will also write and record music to accompany each piece. However, it was a conscious decision not to do that with this series as I wanted the visuals to be the focal point, especially with the exhibition potential.

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