Celebrating Women Artists on Sedition

Celebrating Women Artists on Sedition

This Thursday 8th March marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of the importance of women in the world and a call for progress towards gender parity. 

At Sedition, we are excited to join this week’s celebration by making a special focus on Women Artists. Here are some of the activities we have planned.

New Releases

This week we will launch new artworks by two female artists, who share the craft of making art with code: Alba G. Corral and Florence To (pictured above).

Inspiring Women Collection

We’ve made a collection of inspiring women on Sedition, so you can view, enjoy, buy or rent their works. The collection features Jenny Holzer, Tracey Emin, Sougwen Chung, Yoko Ono, Bharti Kher , LIA , Sophie Kahn , MARIEVIC and more.

Browse featured artworks by women artist on Sedition.

Women Artists On Instagram

Every day of the week, we will also be sharing great art made by women and relevant art news from our social channels including Instagram and Twitter

But our commitment to gender parity goes beyond this week’s celebrations. We are dedicated to increasing gender diversity on the Sedition platform by inviting more female artists to join the Curated programme, which currently represents 23% of women.

Through this year, we will work to increase this representation. With all this we hope to contribute to making the art world more inclusive, and to inspire the next generation of artists to break gender, racial and social barriers. 

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