Interview with Andreas Lutz

Interview with Andreas Lutz

Vladislav Alimpiev: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your art?

Andreas Lutz : Of course! My name is Andreas Lutz, and I'm a visual artist based in Berlin and Rome. I work primarily in kinetic sculptures and digital art.

Vladislav Alimpiev: Could you tell us about your collections on Sedition?

Andreas Lutz: My first collection on Sedition, Axiom Inverse, is an experimental series of audiovisual works that explore visually stored sound and sonically stored visuals. The second collection, Semiotic System, examines an assumed language model for machines and humans. My upcoming collection on Sedition, Daemon, consists of three artworks that delve into the complex relationship between humans and self-aware machines.

Vladislav Alimpiev: What do you think the future of art will be?

Andreas Lutz: I believe that the future of art will always be about expressing an idea, and that won't change. No AI or technology can replace genuine thought and the intuitive need for expression. As for specific trends like NFTs and the metaverse, they may have their advantages, but ultimately it's about the idea behind the artwork.

Vladislav Alimpiev: What are your thoughts on NFTs?

Andreas Lutz: I think NFTs are an interesting tool to reach new audiences and for artists to sell their work. However, the commercial art market can sometimes focus too much on the sale rather than the artwork itself. NFTs can help make the art market more accessible — though not necessarily more equal — but it remains to be seen how they will develop in the future.

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