Jitish Kallat’s ‘Decimal Point’ Solo Exhibition in New York

Jitish Kallat’s ‘Decimal Point’ Solo Exhibition in New York

A solo exhibition of Jitish Kallat’s work  is on display at Sperone Westwater in New York this Spring / Summer

Decimal Point is on show from 26 April to 16 June and is Kallat’s debut exhibition at the gallery and follows his acclaimed recent exhibitions at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The works on display in Decimal Point include photographs, works on paper, videos and sculpture. The pieces form complex interplays with one another; the exhibition is a localised universe in which the celestial comes into contact with the microscopic. Together, the works explore concepts relating to time, sleep, vision, sustenance and perception.

A large body of photographic works titled Sightings, which is central to the exhibition, evokes galactic imagery with pieces of fruit. Wind Study - Hilbert Curve, a series of works on paper, arranges Hilbert curves - algorithmic curves which produce fractals to fill a space. The curves are drawn using flammable liquid and fire. In Covariance (Sacred Geometry) a rock-like sculpture is covered with an intricate array of eyes which gaze outward in a multitude.

These and the other works in the exhibition build, and move skillfully between, multiple scales of activity, from the microscopic to the universal, creating a show which deftly combines the philosophical with the material.

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