Matteo Zamagni: Thought Experiment Music Video

Matteo Zamagni: Thought Experiment Music Video

Matteo Zamagni has created a hyper-real digital universe in a new music video which accompanies Thought Experiment, the latest track released from the EP Hyperaesthesia by London based club music producers object blue and TSVI

To make the work, Zamagni (who also works as Seven Orbits or SVBKVLT) created a digital environment using the video game development software Unreal Engine. This approach evolved in response to Thought Experiment, a track which “sees the producers ricocheting blistering synthesis around a dense and seething percussive landscape to create what they term “body music” (FACT Magazine).

The video was basically a sort of screen recorded performance where the track was running in Ableton and sending the information of its various parts (kick, hi hats, synth, etc.) into Unreal, while I was also triggering stuff on the fly.

I was able to drive the lights, the camera motion, camera cuts and further parameters in the 3D world via sounds and my keyboard, where each key corresponded to parameters that would affect the 3D environment.” - Matteo Zamagni via FACT.

Together, the video and soundtrack explore non-human sentience, dwelling on the inner worlds of machines and the cohabitation of humans, hardware and software. The video and collaboration are part of Zamagni’s ongoing move towards a symbiotic practice combining performance, video, VR and interactive visuals.

Alongside FIBER Festival 2020, FIBER have for the past few months been a series of Online Studio Visits, giving insight into a varied selection of creative processes and themes. On 10 December from 19:00 - 20:30 UTC, Matteo Zamagni and KEIKEN will introduce their studios and give viewers a glimpse of their practices "as they narrate speculative futures that are rooted in current world issues."