Peter Newman Exhibits New Photographs And Digital Editions At CNB Gallery, London

Peter Newman Exhibits New Photographs And Digital Editions At CNB Gallery, London

Peter Newman presents a series of new photographic works in an exhibition titled Subterranean Blues opening in private view on Monday, 23 November 2015. The exhibition is presented by CNB Gallery in Shoreditch, located in the basement of Mark Hix’s Tramshed restaurant, which famously houses a specially commissioned artwork by Damien Hirst of a cow and cockerel submerged in a glass tank of formaldehyde.

The exhibition features eight large-scale photographs that appear, at first glance, like planets suspended in a pitch-black universe. However, on closer inspection reveals them to be depictions of city streets taken from the ground up. Dramatic and mesmerising in equal measure, they form part of Newman’s long-term Metropoly project, which connects to earlier serial and typological photography, such as the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, the German artists who methodically recorded the mechanical structures of the industrial age.

For the exhibition, CNB Gallery has transformed their space into a deep blue chamber that is tranquil and otherworldly. Visitors to the space are presented with spherical portals leading to a remote Earth; light is distorted; time fluctuates; the images suddenly implicate the space itself, or some other form of sentient life, in their provenance.

Newman also presents a series of brand new digital editions for Sedition along with the show. The Dial collection is a series of circular time-lapse video works which present the view looking up from different locations across the globe. The three digital editions included as part of the collection are on display at CNB Gallery for the duration of the show, and available for purchase as a gift cards from the gallery.

Subterranean Blues runs from 24 November 2015 until 14 February 2016 at CNB Gallery, Tramshed, 32 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3LX.

View the Dial collection inclusive of London Canary Wharf Dial, New York Park Avenue Dial, and London St Mary Axe Dial digital editions available on Sedition.

Image: Peter Newman, Paris, La Defense, 2015, photographic print

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