Pierre Chaumont's Engaging Summer of Activities

Pierre Chaumont's Engaging Summer of Activities

A conceptual visual artist, Pierre Chaumont has recently unveiled his latest artwork collection, Flower For Theodore, on Sedition. 

Chaumont has embarked on a summer filled with exciting opportunities and thought-provoking engagements. From the Irish Museum of Modern Art's summer school to presenting a research workshop at EVA London, and having his video work featured at the SEA foundation in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Chaumont's artistic endeavours are presented to broader audiences. 

Let's delve into the highlights of Chaumont's recent activities and the release of his new collection, which adds a captivating layer to his artistic journey.

Irish Museum of Modern Art's Summer School:

Chaumont has been chosen as one of the esteemed artists participating in the Irish Museum of Modern Art's summer school. The event provides a platform for the artist to explore the theme of The Assembly through the lens of Flower For Theodore. Collaborating with fellow artists, Chaumont will delve into discussions and exchanges that will undoubtedly foster new perspectives and creative growth.

@ IMMA Internation Summer School

Research Workshop at EVA London:

In July, Chaumont will be leading a compelling research workshop at EVA London. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for attendees to experience the playable alpha of Flower For Theodore firsthand. By immersing participants in this innovative project, Chaumont aims to push boundaries and challenge conventional notions of art, technology, and interaction. The workshop promises to be a dynamic and enlightening exploration of the intersections between art and digital realms.

@Seafoundation.eu Video Art & Experimental Film Event 2023

Video Art & Experimental Film Event at SEA Foundation:

Chaumont's video work, For A While (The Story Of Loukanikos), has been selected to be showcased at the Video Art & Experimental Film Event at the SEA Foundation in Tillburg, The Netherlands. This event celebrates the cutting-edge creativity and experimental narratives of video art. Chaumont's work evokes thought-provoking discussions about the power of visual storytelling and the boundaries of traditional filmmaking.

A Still from In Memoriam 02 by Pierre Chaumont

Release of Flower For Theodore on Sedition:

Adding to the excitement of Chaumont's summer activities, he recently released his new artwork collection, Flower For Theodore, on our platform. This collection delves into the intriguing realms of digital citizenship and group identity, drawing inspiration from the life of Loukanikos, a stray dog who became an emblematic figure of the Aganaktismenoi movement in Greece.

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