Peter Newman Presents Skystation At Turner Contemporary, Margate

Peter Newman Presents Skystation At Turner Contemporary, Margate

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Peter Newman presents a large scale installation as part of a group exhibition at Turner Contemporary in Margate, UK. The exhibition, Seeing Round Corners: The Art Of The Circle, which runs from 21 May to 25 September, explores the role, significance and influence of the circle in current and historical art practice.

Appropriately given the theme of circularity, the exhibition draws together work from different historical cycles, creating a space in which works made between 3000 BC and the present day sit together. The same commitment to showing diverse works in close proximity applies to the media used in the works on display; the circular form has underpinned the work of sculptors, filmmakers, performance artists and painters alike, and all are represented in the exhibition. The ubiquity of the circle connects multiple fields, including geometry, optics, philosophy, engineering, astronomy and physics.

As part of the exhibition, Peter Newman presents his iconic sculpture, Skystation, at the entrance to the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate. The public sculpture also functions as a piece of outdoor furniture whose design shifts the viewpoint to the skies. Versions of Skystation have been previously presented in numerous locations including London’s Trafalgar Square and Hayward Gallery. The version currently on display in Margate is rendered in fiberglass and was loaned to Turner Contemporary by Futurecity after its recent presentation as part of the artist’s solo exhibition, 51°30’51”N 0°07’48”W, at the Gallery at Foyles in early 2016.

The circle is a recurring form in Newman’s work; as well as appearing in the Skystation it can also be seen in the artist’s Dial series, digital editions of which are available as the Dial collection on Sedition. Explore the Dial collection on Sedition.


Seeing Round Corners; The Art Of The Circle runs at Turner Contemporary in Margate, UK from 21 May - 25 September 2016.

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