Unraveling the Rhythms of Nature with Osman Koç: A Journey Through Art and Technology

Unraveling the Rhythms of Nature with Osman Koç: A Journey Through Art and Technology

Sedition's Community Manager, Vladislav Alimpiev, was delighted to pose a series of questions to Osman Koç following the unveiling of his inaugural collection on Sedition, Nature's Rhythm.

Q: Could you introduce yourself and your artistic practice to Sedition's audience?

A: As an artist and technologist, I've spent over a decade merging art, science, and technology. My tools include creative coding, physical computing, and digital fabrication. I love exploring new technologies for fresh ways to express myself. This takes me from digitally imitating nature to innovating with sensor technologies. I also delight in hands-on making, and often, my work reflects a balance between the digital and physical worlds.

Q: How has your creative process evolved over time?

A: My creative process has evolved alongside my changing life and the shifting world around me. As an immigrant, my capabilities, connections, and interests have transformed, shaping my work in unique ways. Simultaneously, the way people consume art has shifted toward immersive experiences and away from interactive installations or games. Over time, I've grown more confident in my artistic journey, and less frantic about chasing the next big idea. I've learned that inspiration will naturally unfold with time, as long as my curiosity remains. In fact, I've realized the ephemerality of ideas and the importance of being present to catch them when they appear.

Q: Could you share the inspiration behind Nature's Rhythm and what captivated you about this theme?

A: In this series, my work navigates the delicate equilibrium between the mathematical depictions of nature's rhythmic patterns and our mind's innate attraction to recognizable elements. This results in a fascinating dance of perception, gently oscillating between the soothing realms of the known and the enthralling enigma of the unknown.

Q: How has the advancement of technology, particularly within the digital art sphere, influenced your artistic journey and shaped your latest work?

A: The progress in real-time rendering technologies has truly unlocked a novel avenue of expression for me. Previously, my focus was largely on the mathematical equations underpinning natural behaviors. Now, however, the inclusion of shape, color, materiality, and lighting adds an additional layer of complexity to my work. It's as though I've discovered another dimension to explore, enriching my creative output in profound ways.

Q: Can you share any challenges or hurdles you encountered while creating Nature's Rhythm? How did you overcome these, and did they result in any unexpected turns in your creative process?

A: Employing game engine tools in my work is thrilling, but it's also a rapidly evolving field. One challenge has been maintaining consistency in different versions of the same artwork; as new versions emerge, slight changes in appearance or behavior can occur. Consequently, I view my works as continuously evolving entities, akin to works in progress rather than static finished pieces. Since these visuals are software-based, they bear the potential for perpetual evolution, and I keep them updated to reflect this. An unexpected joy has been the capture of these visuals during my performances. Some are initially intended to be interactive, so finding the perfect moment to record as a video becomes an enjoyable part of the process.

Q: Given the fast-paced evolution of the digital art landscape, what are your insights on the interplay between art and technology in the future?

A: I believe there's a fascinating dynamic at play between the speed at which new technological advancements allow us to actualize our ideas, and the challenge of conceptualizing ideas that possess the requisite depth and complexity to truly engage the audience.

Q: Finally, what should we anticipate from you going forward? Do you have any upcoming artistic ventures or collaborations you could share with us?

A: I have a couple of performances coming up later in the year. However, when it comes to production, I currently find myself in a phase of knowledge absorption, acquainting myself with a suite of innovative tools.

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