Yoshi Sodeoka: Chromosphere

Yoshi Sodeoka: Chromosphere

From 1 to 12 December Yoshi Sodeoka is part of a dual exhibition of screen based work at the UltraSuperNew Gallery in Tokyo. The exhibition is part of MUTEK JP and is presented in collaboration with Chromatic, MASSIVart and FRAMED.

Chromosphere features works by Sodeoka and by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté. Both artists take an approach to video which combines digital and analogue production methods. The work on display extends away from the screen and into other realms, creating alternative realities, dream worlds and hybrid beings. By pushing the boundaries of the video art medium, the artists explore how reality is framed and interpreted by digital media. 

Ratté and Sodeoka have exhibited together in the past, but this is their first duo exhibition. Visitors will have the chance to see how two complex art practices approach questioning digital reality; how each artist identifies and articulates relevant questions and how two differing approaches interact, forming dialogues and points of difference.

Both artists deploy complex narrative structures as part of their digital universes. Sodeoka’s video animations feature forms which are both organic and digital; these mutating forms inhabit a psychedelic, dream-like environment which is far removed from, yet distantly echoes, the world we know. The videos are displayed alongside 3D environments developed by Ratté following her research into the relationships between the sensory, the psychological and the spatial. Ratté’s work examines the power architecture has over movement and mindset, and asks where the influence of the digital will take this power.

The concept for Chromosphere was developed by Chromatic. The exhibition was produced by Claire Tousignant / MASSIVart and was curated by Arthur Gaillard and Benoit Palop.

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