Magnum at 70, Series 1

The Magnum at 70, Series 1 is the first of a series of collections featuring iconic photographic and video works by artists who are members of the renowned artists’ cooperative, Magnum Photos. The works are released on Sedition as digital editions as part of a year-long partnership with Magnum Photos throughout 2017. The Magnum at 70 partnership celebrates 70 years of Magnum Photos by revisiting photographic achievements of the past seven decades and looking ahead to the digital future of photography.

The inaugural set of fifteen works in the Magnum at 70 collection launches alongside a panel discussion on Digital Territories: Photography in the Online Environment as part of the Magnum Photos Now talk series on 24 March 2017 at the Barbican in London. The collection features works by renowned photographers and photojournalists including, Werner Bischof, A. Abbas, Martin Parr, Tim Hetherington, Eve Arnold, Dennis Stock and others.

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