Herein Blossom Lies

Herein Blossom Lies is a series of generative computer animations by Austrian artist Manuel Tozzi. The series is made up of three videos, featuring a mix of close up landscape scenes that reference historical painters such as Vincent van Gogh with the visual language of mokuhanga, the Japanese art of woodblock printing.

Taking as a title the poem of Emily Dickinson that expresses a longing for meaning, imagery, and spiritual refreshment in nature, the series is a reflection on the appropriation of nature and a musing on the romantic idea of 'inner landscape' as the correspondence of nature to ones inner moods.

Through the last word in the title and the technical making of the videos, the works oscillate between the importance of nature and its protection, while at the same time pointing to the simulation of its apparent originality. Today digital nature simulates originality, to counter artificialisation and commercialisation.

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