Pomegranates, Grapes and Seashells

Mattia Casalegno presents an audiovisual triptych that plays with notions of simulation, realism and mimesis in the age of advanced digital imaging technologies. Inspired by the tradition of the ‘still life’ prevalent in painting and later photography, these CGI animations are produced with the technique of photogrammetry – a once military technology that has now becoming mainstream. The technology has been used for topological surveys, where bi-dimensional pictures are assembled together to create tri-dimensional objects. In Pomegranates, Grapes and Seashells, Casalegno applies the technology to a series of fruits and objects, providing a survey of shape and form as interpreted by 3D technology. The shapes rotate slowly as the edges are distorted in space due to the limitations of the imaging technology. The forms are animated to float in space and are accompanied by an ambient electronic soundtrack by Martux_m Crew. The three works in the series have been presented as a three-channel installation at the Young At Art Museum in Florida in 2016.
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