Hope, Love & Peace (2019) are three works created by Michelle Poonawalla which together form Introspection, a collection stemming from the artist's large-scale multi-sensory installation of the same name.

The Introspection installation was first unveiled at the Kochi Biennial in 2018 and has since been presented at Alserkal Avenue during Dubai Art Week 2019. The piece is on show at the START Art Fair 2019 at the end of September 2019 alongside an exhibition of paintings by the artist.

Introspection draws inspiration from pertinent questions that we find ourselves asking today: where are we headed? Be it climate change, global poverty, war and destruction, our actions today impact future generations. The delicate butterflies featured in the works, remind us of the fragility of life, while providing us with a sense of hope, peace and pray for love and freedom.

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