Mount Olympia_Dataset_1_2

Mount Olympia_Dataset_1_2 by Nick Fudge is a part of the Destruction of Appearance collection and specifically Drive series.

In Mount Olympia_Dataset_1_2, the image serves as a visual representation of the path of modern art as it ventures into an uncertain future, driven by the accelerating force of capitalism. Fudge portrays art history as a 'singular vehicle of modernity' that has veered off course, leading to a place where history and reality are entirely discarded.

Mount Olympia_Dataset_1_2 draws inspiration from Édouard Manet's Olympia, one of the early works of modernist painting, to create a visual language that symbolizes the transition from the analog to the digital realm. The title Mount Olympia alludes to a digital concept - the 'mounting' of external hard drives, which allows the reading and storage of files originally external to the computer. The vehicle itself serves as an allegory, representing how computer hard drives have become the means to transport art historical works into the digital age.

The grayscale image and the shutters on the truck refer back to the era of early black-and-white photography, highlighting how this emerging medium disrupted traditional representational painting. The shutters, in particular, introduce the only elements of color in the image, symbolizing the digital RGB color scale that marked a departure from the traditional red, yellow, and blue (RYB) color model of the analog era.


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