Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf

Atlanta, GA

Lemniscate: Desire Urges Me On, While Fear Bridles Me

American artist Nicol Eltzroth Rosendorf (°1971, Atlanta, United States) creates work in moving images, sound/music and objects. His work addresses time, language, scale and systems.

Nicol's Lemniscate: Desire Urges Me On, While Fear Bridles Me depicts cyclical events in a liminal space of shifting & indeterminate scale; embodied collectively in probing, contingent & instinctual arrangements.

“We have first to make up our minds whether time is to be found in nature or nature is to be found in time…The dissociation of time from events discloses to our immediate inspection that the attempt to set up time as an independent terminus for knowledge is like the effort to find substance in a shadow. There is time because there are happenings, and apart from happenings there is nothing.” 
- Alfred North Whitehead

"Through bitter sweetness and delightful pain, I fall to the center and am drawn up toward the sky; necessity constrains me while the good leads me on; fate draws me to the abyss, while counsel uplifts me; desire urges me on, while fear bridles me; care burns me and keeps me long in peril." 
- Giordano Bruno

"That Bruno was burnt in Rome I learnt from Master Wackher; he suffered his fate steadfastly. He had asserted the vanity of all religions and had substituted circles and points for God." 
- Joannes Kepler


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