I Do Not Dance Tango Anymore

I Do Not Dance Tango Anymore is Noritoshi Hirakawa’s 33rd video piece since he started working with the medium in 1992. Filmed in New York City, the work was shot during one summer afternoon in a friend’s apartment and a vacant space between two buildings. It marks a departure from Hirakawa’s previous films because the artist followed an entirely different method when making I Do Not Dance Tango Anymore: he discarded both storyboard and a script and shot the work without prior concept. Instead, Hirakawa let two dancers, Lexi Andrea and Wei Yao, guide and inspire him. The protagonists’ interaction and Lexi Andrea’s improvised dance that the artist recorded become what Hirakawa describes to be “a beautiful love story”. The expressiveness of the images and vivid dance scenes on one hand, and the silence of the film and its lack of colour, enhance both its theatricalness and simultaneously create a heightened sense a voyeurism: as if looking at photographs.

Noritoshi Hirakawa shot the video, which was then video edited by Jung Woo Lee.

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I Do Not Dance Tango Anymoreby Noritoshi Hirakawa
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I Do Not Dance Tango Anymore
Noritoshi Hirakawa
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February 24, 2018
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