Original Muse Auction

We’re excited to announce a rare event on our site: an auction featuring John Sanborn’s latest artwork, Original Muse. This one-of-a-kind piece is part of Sanborn’s Intimate Archeology collection, which explores the intersection of technology and art to showcase mesmerising choreography as 3D objects.

Created through photometric scanning, Original Muse is a stunning demonstration of Sanborn’s long investigation into media technologies and collaboration with Sarah Cecelia Bukowsky.

Join us for the auction on April 26th from 2pm to 8pm British Summer Time and place your bid for a chance to add this incredible work to your collection. The winning bidder will be announced at the conclusion of the auction at 8pm BST on the same day, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Sanborn’s visionary art.


How does the online auction work?

The online auction will take place on the artwork page on Sedition. When the bidding starts - at 2pm British Summer Time on Wednesday 26th April - the highest current bid will be displayed on the artwork page. Any interested Sedition member can enter their bids - the current highest bid, and the bidding history, will be visible on the page. The online auction will end on Wednesday 26th April at 8pm BST, at which point the highest bid on Sedition wins the auction.

What will the winning bid receive?

The winning bid will receive Edition 1 of Original Muse, in their Sedition Vault along with its Certificate of Authenticity and the resale rights on Sedition’s Trade platform. Artworks on Sedition’s Trade platform can be bought or sold for a profit or loss.

When will the winner be announced?

The winning bidder will be announced at the conclusion of the auction at 8pm of 26 April.

What happens if my bid is not the highest?

Only the highest bid is displayed on the Sedition auction page. If you enter a lower bid then the system will inform you that your bid is invalid / or you have been outbid by another buyer.

During the bidding process, interaction between the Sedition platform and your payment card is as follows:

  • During bidding we'll reserve the funds on the payment card.
  • When you increase your bid, we will document the updated amount while keeping a temporary record of your previous bid. This requires having enough funds in your account or credit card to cover both amounts for a short period.
  • When you are outbid your funds are released.

Releasing reserved funds is usually a quick process (a few minutes) but depending on your credit card it may take longer (a few business days).

What happens if I have the same highest bid as another bidder?

If several identical bids are entered into Sedition, the page will display the first one received by our system.

How to bid?

You can enter your bids into the system by typing the number (price in dollars) into the box below the current highest bid, pressing enter or clicking ‘bid’, and entering your card details when prompted. If you are the highest bidder, your bid will display on the screen for everyone to see. Please note that bid payments can only be made via credit or debit card, not via bank transfer or other means.

Can I bid anonymously?

Bids will be either anonymous or identifiable according to your profile settings on Sedition. If you do not wish to be visible then go to your Account settings and select ‘make my profile private’.

Can I withdraw a bid?

Bids are irrevocable once entered and cannot be withdrawn during the online auction, they can only be raised to a higher bid.

Does this edition exist as an NFT?

Not yet, this work is mintable, which means that the owner can choose to transfer it to blockchain in their Vault. If you want to know more about how it works, please visit our NFT Help Centre

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions provide important information related specifically to Sedition’s online bidding. Please be aware that these terms are in addition to Sedition’s Terms and are not intended in any way to serve as a substitute. By bidding in a Sedition online auction you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Sedition online auctions

Only Sedition members are able to place bids in a Sedition online auction. To participate it is necessary for the prospective buyer to first create an account on www.seditionart.com

Please note that Sedition reserves the right, at our complete discretion, to refuse your registration or participation in the auction via Sedition’s online bidding process. Prospective buyers are responsible for making themselves aware of all auction notices and announcements. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to examine personally any lots in which they are interested, before the auction takes place, and to contact support@seditionart.com with questions about the auction lots in advance of the auction date.


Bidding through Sedition is provided as an online service available only via www.seditionart.com; it is not possible to place bids from Sedition’s apps. Sedition reserves the right to refuse or revoke permission to bid online and to remove online bidding privileges during the sale.

If your computer is logged on to Sedition and a successful bid is sent to Sedition from your computer, you are accepting personal liability to pay the purchase price, and all applicable taxes and other applicable charges.

A live auction is by its nature fast-moving and competitive bidding can progress very quickly.

To submit a bid, enter the amount and submit your bid by clicking the “Bid” button. You can enter any amount in the Bid box as long as it is higher than the current bid. Your bid is irrevocable once it is submitted and cannot under any circumstances be retracted, but it can be raised to a higher bid.

Sedition members may submit bids during the online auction until the point when the auction ends. You bid by entering the amount and clicking the “Bid” button. Your bid cannot be revoked once submitted.

Payment and Collection

During the bidding process, interaction between the Sedition platform and your payment card is as follows:

  • During bidding we'll reserve the funds on the payment card.
  • When increasing bids we'll record the new bid and release the record of the previous bid, meaning you will need to have enough funds in the payment account to briefly keep both reserves active.
  • When you are outbid your funds are released.

Releasing reserved funds is usually a quick process (a few minutes) but depending on your credit card it may take longer (a few business days).

If you are the successful bidder you will receive a notification through your email and Sedition account within 24 hours. Please note that if you are the successful bidder, no charge will be made to your credit card on Sedition until the end of the live auction that immediately follows the online auction on www.seditionart.com. Bidding is possible using credit card only and not bank transfer or other means. Please note that while results are published on Sedition after the auction, we do not accept responsibility for notifying you of the result of your bids.

If you make an online payment via credit or debit card, you warrant that you are the cardholder; and acknowledge that Sedition has no liability for your payment not reaching us, for example where payment is refused or declined by the card supplier.

Card and other payment information is collected and processed directly by a third party service provider (“Payment Service Provider”) and not by Sedition.

The Payment Service Provider may undertake fraud prevention reviews prior to processing any payment or as part of the payment process. Sedition does not have access to, or retain any credit card information.

All payments by credit card or debit card need to be authorised by the relevant card issuer.

Once an online payment has been made and received by Sedition, you will receive a confirmation email. If confirmation is not received within 14 days, it is your responsibility to check with Sedition and/or your bank/card supporter that the payment has been accepted.

Currency Conversion

All purchases are processed in USD. Pricing displayed in different currencies is available for your convenience only (currency rates used for these displays are based on official currency rates and are updated daily). At the moment of purchase, the payment will be processed by Sedition in USD.

Sedition reserves the right to update and amend these T&Cs up until the start of the online auction. Please review and check these terms prior to the commencement of bidding.

Technical Considerations

Sedition offers internet services as a convenience to our clients, but Sedition will not be responsible for errors or failures to execute bids placed on the internet, including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of connection on Sedition’s or your end; (ii) a breakdown or problems with the online bidding software and/or (iii) a breakdown or problems with a client's internet connection, computer or system. Execution of online internet bids is a free service undertaken subject to other commitments at the time of the sale and Sedition does not accept liability for failing to execute an online internet bid or for errors or omissions in connection with this activity.