The Organs collection is a series of video pieces featuring the organs – heart, lungs and brain – that recreate the vital activity of the inner body. French artist Pascal Haudressy’s dissected organs appear as a bodily stencil in a trio of colours, including red, blue and green, against a white background. These animations are reminiscent of medical imagery, though it should be noted that Haudressy’s digital drawings draw greater attention to the biological transference of process, cycle and rhythm, than to anatomical accuracy. Through perpetual process the animated organs do not produce a frozen pattern but instead form in flux, resulting in a kind of meditative geometry that generates mesmerising figurative representations. As animated artworks Haudressy’s state-of-the-art sketches appear as alive and responsive as any of the organs he draws attention to, each drawing composed of animated algorithms that are as vulnerable as they are advanced.

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