Passion For Freedom

Passion for Freedom was founded in 2008 by a small group of friends and over the past 10 years has grown into an international network of artists, journalists, filmmakers and activists striving to celebrate and protect freedom of expression.

This initiative is not merely a place where artists from repressed countries can showcase works they would be unable to exhibit in their home countries; it is a grass-root movement for a life worth living.

Through exhibitions, seminars and workshops, Passion for Freedom creates space for artists, writers and the public to explore subjects and themes often omitted from mainstream artistic discourse. We run an educational programme enabling our artists to address topics of censorship and human right in schools, raising the awareness of these problems and the consequences of giving up our basic freedoms with the next generations.

The true spectacle and focus have always been the yearly art festival, where artists facing censorship world-over send in submissions to the Passion for Freedom Art Competition. From Russia to China, to Saudi Arabia we give a chance to dissidents, LGBT community and suppressed women to express freely and celebrate their creative liberty.