Melting Memories

Melting Memories is a series of digital editions that are part of Refik Anadol’s ongoing data sculpture series of the same name. The series uses anonymous Alzheimer disease datasets to create algorithmically generated visuals that engages with questions about memory, health, degeneration and decay. For Melting Memories, Anadol has developed a range of custom software to read, analyse and visualise the datasets . The experiments specifically focus on memory as a substance, transforming one of the most basic cognitive abilities of human beings, our memory, into a poetic language of experience.

For Sedition, Anadol presents three video pieces that are captured directly from the project’s generative output. The resulting works visually explore the physical degeneration of the brain from disease resulting in the loss of memory. Smooth seductive surfaces are ruptured and morph producing gaps within a solid form that creates a sense of mortality in reflecting on the damage done by this degenerative disease and exploring the aesthetics of natural decay. Melting Memories was presented at Pilevneli Gallery’s booth at Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey in September 2017.

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