The Campaign

The Campaign is a collection of five video works by emerging artists from the Royal College of Art including: Steven Aishman, Shigetoshi Furutani, Jinjoon Lee, Joshua Leon and Ben McDonnell. Presented in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Subject Matter the collection is released as part of an exhibition of the same name held at the School of Fine Arts’s Dyson Gallery in London in April 2016.

The Campaign seeks to examine contemporary image-making through diverse video and digital techniques. The concept was developed in response to an art world undergoing rapid change owing to the increasing influence of new media and communication systems. The works in the collection engage with the relationship between art and technology and consider how the idea of ‘pure creativity’ might be redefined in the context of increasing information management by reflecting on current structures and creating new spaces around them.

All proceeds from the collection will go to supporting the RCA Fine Art Bursary Fund, which provides financial assistance to current and potential students to nurture the careers of emerging artists.

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