Ryoichi Kurokawa's original creation syn_ is an audiovisual concert created through the “composition (and combination) of concrete material with digitally generated structures”. Since its premier in 2011, the artist has modelled follow-on works upon the same concepts and patterns that all explore the same abstract and musical models. Simultaneity and synaesthesia - the correspondence of sensations and perceptions - is structured into ordered disorder; reassembled discretisation; asymmetrical symmetry. Viewers are mesmerised by all-enveloping sound sculptures that seem impenetrable and confusing while rhythmic and logical all the same.

All of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s syn_ works, including those available through Sedition, follow on from his original 2011 creation syn_, which has been exhibited at EMPAC, Troy, 2013; Mutek, Montreal, 2013; Alpha-ville, London, 2013; Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, 2013; TodaysArt, The Hague 2012; and Stereolux, Nantes, 2011; to name but a few.

Ryoichi Kurokawa lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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