Sergio Ferrer

Vila-real, Spain

Almiles - Witches' sabbath

Sergio Ferrer wrote a book ALMILES and the current Work of art is related to the First chapter, Witches' sabbath.

"ALMILES, the discovery of connections between people. Artists, composers, musicians, writers, painters ... all of them are RECEPTORS of FEELINGS. They receive dreams, vibrations and simply write, compose or paint what they receive, but, does all this really come from a Muse, or is there something else?"

I. Witches' sabbath
Jack and Walter walked down the river Vero in Spain looking for the witch's cave, finally, the cave found them


塞尔吉奥·费雷尔(Sergio Ferrer)写了一本书《 ALMILES》,当前的艺术作品与《巫婆的安息日》第一章有关。

“ ALMILES,发现了人与人之间的联系。艺术家,作曲家,音乐家,作家,画家...都是情感的接受者。他们接受梦想,震惊,并简单地写,作或画所收到的东西,但这一切真正地来了来自缪斯女神,还是还有别的东西?”




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