Sergio Ferrer

Vila-real, Spain

La Disculpa (The Apology)

Sergio Ferrer wrote a poetry book some years ago; Silencio, Soledad, Tristeza (Silence, Loneliness, Sadness) .

La Disculpa (The Apology) eighth poem of Silencio (Silence) the first part of this poetry book.
"He doesn't know,
he says and he doesn't know.
He doesn't know, listen and say.
He doesn't know, feel something, does not know.
if you would heal and heal,
for the love of humanity,
don't spend time on other tasks
don't apologize. Be monk."


塞尔吉奥·费雷尔(Sergio Ferrer)几年前写了一本诗集。 Silencio,Soledad,Tristeza(沉默,孤独,悲伤)。

西兰西奥(沉默)的第八首诗《 La Disculpa》(《歉意》)是该诗集的第一部分。

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