The Shezad Dawood Collection

Shezad Dawood brings together a unique collection of five digital editions inclusive of one video and four image stills derived from his films A Mystery Play, 2010 and Towards the Possible Film, 2014. The editions launched alongside his solo exhibition at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London that is running from 4 April – 25 May 2014, where he is premiering Towards the Possible Film.

Towards the Possible Film was shot at Legzira beach in Sidi Ifni, Morocco. In a landscape that could well be an alien planet, otherworldly figures appear as if to threaten the peace. The region’s history and the many wars fought in the 1950s and 60s between Spain, Morocco and the independent Saharan tribes were certainly a source of inspiration for Dawood.

In contrast, A Mystery Play, was filmed in a monumental and elaborate, early twentieth-century, Masonic building in Winnipeg, Canada. The film is inspired not only by Masonic rituals, but also by the town’s history of having an extensive culture of performance and burlesque, in particular for performances by Buster Keaton and Harry Houdini.

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