Whispering Kiss

Shuai Ma's film Whispering Kiss premiered in the group show Transmission & Transformation (2020) in Ars Electronica. In the video, the artist's lip touch triggers a mixed sound, including human body ASMR and electromagnetic noise, allowing both performer and audiences to build a close relationship with daily genderless machines quickly.

Although the machines' replication is still totally different from organic reproduction, although they're genderless, not living creatures, humans cannot stop intimacy with those devices. People touch them, interact with them, spend time with them, even put them near the pillow when they're sleeping.

On the other hand, as gender has been a widely accepted idea for a very long history, people set a series of principles to gender the body shapes, the faces, and sounds before getting closer. So when thinking about the liberation of binary genders, it's not enough to only agree with the theory. Shuai believes it's better to reconstruct the norm of gender and intimacy through training.

Thus, this audiovisual process is a kind of training to keep the listeners from hearing in a gender frame and an experiment to imagine the future human intimacy without binary genders.

Shuai Ma lives and works in London.

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