Immeasurable Heaven

Immeasurable Heaven is a series of five audiovisual works created by Terry Flaxton which will attempt to evoke the sense of Laniakea, the newly named and largest mapped area of our nearby universe that cosmologists have undertaken. Laniakea is the Hawaiian word for ‘Immeasurable Heaven’ and the area that this name identifies is not only nearby galaxies, which are conglomerations of one hundred thousand million solar systems – but also family groups of galaxies and finally and massively Galactic Super Clusters (gatherings of around 100 thousand galaxies), which when looked closely at, their locations are along strands of 'gravity waves' where matter has accumulated. These gravity waves emanated from the big bang. So our cosmologists have named this newly mapped area Laniakea - which itself potentially represents .001 per cent of the known universe where it is estimated there are over 10 million Galactic Super Clusters in the observable universe. The point is our imaginations are dwarfed by the size of our universe and possible inhabitable planets. Immeasurable Heaven is an attempt to visualise some of the principles that underpin this incredible reality we are just beginning to understand that we live within.
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