Thomas Lisle is a British artist based in London. He works in digital 3D animation, painting, digital images and installations. His work references, psychology, science fiction and the environment through the medium of digital 3D paint/sculptures, he has been making video and moving image art since 1983.

Lisle studied at Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds, then at the University of Reading (Fine Art Department). His work has been featured in exhibitions and screenings in the UK and internationally since the mid-1980s. He has artworks in the collections of Tate Modern and Museum of Modern Art in New York. His recent animations have featured in festivals including Matadac Spain, Pixel Fest Moscow, Lumen Prize touring exhibition, Leeds City Hall, The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival NY, SFE.TV Art cable station in Germany, and FILE Brazil.

Lisle was one of the first artists to investigate glitch video in the 1980s and 1990s - notable projects include the Arts Council funded Fish out of Water, I, Claudius and Portrait of a Francois. Lisle used Glitch TV images which had a reference to painting and projected them through moving projectors.

"I started life as a kind of punkish artist, making art from glitch videos, but before that, I was a Punk rocker. When I was 16 in the conservative Britain of the late 70s, it took a lot of courage to go into Woolworths with a homemade Mohican, and an old school blazer missing an arm and adorned with plastic chains (there can't have been more than about 50 Punks in Leeds at that time) and ask for "Never mind the bollocks" it was a cathartic liberating experience. It still has a resonance in my work and attitude today."

Lisle started developing his digital art works in the late 1990s and made a number of digital 3D animations which were shown extensively Internationally. His digital work started working with cubes, planes and particle systems and evolved into a more painterly adaptation in digital 3D.

His father, Frank Lisle, was head of painting at Bradford School of Art where he taught David Hockney, and then principal of Leeds College of Art.

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2014 Solo Show Koukan Gallery, London, UK
2011 Solo Show Behind Vision, Koukan Gallery, London, UK
2009 Solo show The 291 Gallery
2008 Solo show That which Transpires behind that which Appears
1994 Solo show (Arts Council Funded) James Hockey Gallery
1993 Solo Show Puskinskaya 10, St Petersberg, RU
1992 Solo Show The Newlyn Orion, Cornwall, UK
1989 Solo Show The Smith, Stirling, UK
1988 Solo Show The Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, UK
1988 Solo Show (Arts Council Funded) Stoke Sculpture Court, Stoke, UK

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