I Promise to Love You Collection

Tracey Emin (b.1963) has used neon as a consistent medium since the early 1990s, juxtaposing simple and intimate handwritten text with a medium that traditionally serves more commercial or urban utilitarian purposes. Pastel coloured light tubes, bent to mimic the artist's handwriting, spell out illuminated thoughts and feelings: passions, love declarations, disappointments and fears, or simply insults. And the subject is always Emin herself: we read her disappointments, her desires, her experiences, her infatuation and her anger - her neon works are her written confession.

Emin is an artist who has placed her own life at the centre of her art. This practice makes her not only someone whose work can be uncannily touching - through it's frankness and self-denial - but it makes her a cultural phenomenon of contemporary society, where voyeurism and self-invention play an essential part.

Text-based neon signs have been current in modern art since the 1960s. However, whereas artists like Bruce Nauman used moulded letters and text appears in neutral capitals, Emin's works are always made using her signature hand script, emphasizing the personal nature of their commentary.

Tracey Emin produced the I Promise To Love You collection exclusively for s[edition]'s Times Square Midnight Moment in February 2013.

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