Echoes of Toki

Walter Hugo & Zoniel’s series Echoes Of Toki (2014), references the artists’ work The Constellation Of Toki, Gazelli Art House, Mayfair, 2014. The abstracted images of jellyfish were taken from a large-scale, site-specific installation The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living exhibited in a derelict building in Toxteth, Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial 2014: a giant jellyfish tank formed the centre of one of the UK’s least populated inner city areas, celebrating diversity and inspiration whilst exploring the strength of community and sociability.

Echoes of Toki were shot during the course of the installation and are inspired by the ethereal, calming and surreal quality of the subject matter. The depicted jellyfish subtly distort in their close-up portrait, metamorphosing into constellations of orbiting planets, shards of light and energy. The abstract nature of the work is deliberate, with the artists intending to create space for viewers’ personal interpretations.

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