Colour Fields

Colour Fields is a collection of works derived from two of Yann Novak’s series: Repose and Scalar Fields. The works explores context, atmosphere and time through the use of purely synthesised colours and sounds.

All the works in Colour Fields collection represent high-definition abridged versions of larger multichannel audio-visual installations that have been created exclusively for Sedition.

Repose examines the inseparability of sound from context, and its effects on our perception of time, space and subjectivity. Repose was originally premiered as an audiovisual performance in Cocky Eek’s SPHÆRÆ at the AxS Festival in Pasadena, US; it was then reinterpreted as an audiovisual installation as part of a solo exhibition of the same name at Human Resources in Los Angeles, US.

Scalar Field (yellow, blue, yellow) and Scalar Field (orange, pink, orange) take inspiration from mathematics and physics, in which a scalar field associates a scalar value to every point in a space.

Scalar Field (yellow, blue, yellow) was originally exhibited at Scalar Fields at VOLUME in Los Angeles, US. Scalar Field (orange, pink, orange) was originally exhibited at Dancity Festival at the Auditorium Santa Caterina in Foligno, IT.

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