Garland by Yoshi Sodeoka is a series of three video works inspired by traditional art techniques, especially watercolours and ink drawings. The collection includes Moon Talk, Pervasiveness Index and If You Summon, exclusive works combining visuals by Sodeoka - produced using generative digital animation techniques, with electronic soundscapes by Brazilian electronic music producer MYMK. The project seeks to look at the live process of how watercolours or ink drawings are created – a process of trial and error, experimentation, erasure and layering, in which forays into empty space are built up into complex patterns. The works in the collection explore this process without making clear distinction between code based and ink-and-paper processes, emphasising the similarities and the differences between techniques. Blotches, smears and lines appear, build up and disappear, the distinction between accident and intent is not obvious – how far are the relationships between forms coincidental and how far are they planned?

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