Memory Form (2)

A Memory Palace is an imaginary location in your mind where mnemonic images are stored for recall. The most common type of memory palace involves making a journey through a place that is known well, like a home, building, or town. I am interested in the composition of memory and its abstract architecture. I imagine a kind of cosmological and neural space, a cerebral landscape or mindscape where memories take form.

This piece is part of a series of work inspired by saturated electron microscopic images of the human brain, and various images of our universe taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, among others. It is amazing how similar these images can sometimes appear, and their magnificence and beauty is striking. Not wanting to simply recreate these images in moving form, but rather use them as a starting point, these works have an ambiguous sense of scale and space, reminiscent of the brilliantly colored images of our physical and cerebral universe.


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