Visual Artist Frank Bonilla

Clovis, CA, USA
I like to call myself a visual artist. I specialize in digital abstract art. My desire for abstract art began in high school. Since I couldn't draw nice body figures, or faces, I had to resort to something that couldn't be measured, or compared to something else. In junior college, my love for photography began, with a few photography classes. Many years later, came computers, and digital image files. Today, I have combined all three: abstract art, photography, and digital files, to create my art. A passion for abstract art has developed, that will never die. All of my videos are best seen at night. Grab a drink, turn off the lights, and let the color jump out at you. Imagine, then create! Recently, in 2015, one of my images was chosen to decorate 192 rooms, at the Renaissance Waterford Oklahoma City Hotel. Variations of my image "Tornado From Above", were used as wall coverings for an entire wall, in each room! In 2017, a image of mine was chosen for the cover of a magazine for the IEEE. The IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The IEEE has more than 420,000 members in over 160 countries, and its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities. They also did a 2 page interview on me, and my art. Three more images were shown here. To view more of my art, please visit

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