Flight Patterns

Aaron Koblin uses data to tell amazing visual stories that reflect on life and technology. Flight Patterns is a visualization of airplane traffic over North America during a 24 hour period. As the video progresses one can see the ebb and flow of air traffic, red eyes coming from California, the East Coast waking up, and the arrival of European flights into the Tri-State area. The different colors are coded to the 573 different types of airplanes that traveled through North America, totaling over 205,000 flights, on this day in August 2010. Koblin’s use of aggregated data to reflect on life and our systems is not only visually spectacular but also a reflection on the relationship between humans and technology. Working directly with the artist, Sedition brings you this original digital limited edition.
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Flight Patternsby Aaron Koblin
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Flight Patterns
Aaron Koblin
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November 22, 2017
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