Universal Everything is a UK-based digital art and design studio founded by Matt Pyke in 2004. Their distinctive visual approach and pop-sensibility has made them a studio much sought after both by leading institutions in the art world and by sophisticated brands in the commercial world.

Universal Everything’s work explores the tension between abstract and figurative form and the synthesis of sound and image, leading to expressive, vibrant digital works imbued with emergent life and anthropomorphism. Central to the studio’s practice is the exploration of human and emotional presence.

Universal Everything’s origins are in design and film direction, which has enabled them to infuse their expressive animation and moving image work with a graphic style, radical colour palettes and a fundamental fascination with form. Their creative process is led by an experimental approach to materials, allowing them to paint and sculpt with new technologies and formats that include 3D printing, touch screens, motion capture and large format video displays. Sound is intrinsic to their work, stimulating visual reactions and amplifying emotions. Each work is accompanied by an original music composition.

Matt Pyke: “I’m interested in bringing life and empathy into digital art rather than keeping its cold, abstract, machine sensibility.” This ambition has lead to the creation of expressive, vibrant digital artworks, embodied with emergent life and anthropomorphism. The latter is a prominent theme in Universal Everything's work: lifeless matter becomes moving object by using visual projections that allows the animation of abstract textured shapes.

Working with a range of collaborators that include programmers, architects, musicians and choreographers, Universal Everything’s work spans a variety of disciplines and moves fluidly from film direction and identity design to mobile software art and site-specific video installations. They have undertaken bespoke commissions for numerous brands and bands including Chanel, Coldplay, AOL, Intel, Nike, Hyundai and Deutsche Bank. In addition, their work has been exhibited internationally including: the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Media Space (London), V&A Museum (London), Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing), Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture (Moscow), La Gaite Lyrique (Paris) and Art HK (Hong Kong).



2013 Universal Everything & You Media Space, The National Science Museum, London, UK
2012 One Room, 3 Global Names St Martins Lane Hotel, London, UK
2012 Universal Everything: Supreme Believers Projection Creators Project: Seoul 2012, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, KR
2012 Tai Chi with Simon Pyke Framed Gallery, Tokyo, JP
2012 Universal Everything: Supreme Believers / Transfiguration Onboard video gallery, Airbus A380, Air France
2011 Matt Pyke & Friends: Super-Computer-Romantics La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, FR
2011 Universal Everything: Generative Video Projection Series with Field Deutsche Bank Gallery, Art HK, Hong Kong, HK
2009 Universal Everything: Forever with Simon Pyke and Karsten Schmidt V&A Museum, London, UK
2009 Universal Everything: Designing Seeds with Simon Pyke and Karsten Schmidt SIAD Gallery, Sheffield, UK
2009 Decode – Digital Design Sensations V&A Museum, London, UK